Elfayoum Co. is a leading General Contracting, manufacturing and trading company active in emerging markets since 1986.We Have been building on our reputation as a general contracting company.

Our job goes beyond just building or manufacturing and gaining short-term customer satisfaction. Our goal is to establish long-term client relationships.
We do business with a handshake that is backed-up by our reputation for delivering projects on time, within cost and to high quality standards. We do our best for our clients, to serve our community, and to preserve our reputation for excellence, performance, and cost effectiveness.As a general contractor, we provide engineering, procurement and construction services on industrial, commercial and infrastructure projects for public and private customers primarily Egypt. As a mosaic and cement tiles manufacturer, we operate recently a tile factory (established in the early 1940s) in Egypt (Elfayoum) which
have a combined annual production capacity approaching 36000 m2. Working together with our employees, our business partners and our customers, we are helping to build the future in developing countries around the world.
Elfayoum Co. has been trading as a building contractor for more than 28 years and has established a strong reputation with craftsmanship and other certificates received for work executed under both traditional and design build contracts.
The company is experienced in all forms of contracting but has secured most of its current workload through two sectors.Develop and Construct. Elfayoum Co. is extremely experienced in Project Development & Construction and undertakes projects on this basis with both single and two stage tender processes.Effective design management is essential to the success of this type of project; and to this end, we employ design managers whose sole function is to ensure that the design process is properly managed in all respects.
Projects are also carried out under traditional contracts where this is the Public customers preferred contracting route. We provide the same high quality of service and are equally pro-active and cooperative in our approach to this form of contracts. Elfayoum Co. Construction Division is resourced and capable of securing contracts within the capacity of 30 million EGP.
The principal area of operations is grand Cairo from Giza at the north west passing through the capital reaching the north east Qalubaia, although projects have been successfully completed at various locations throughout the Republic Arab of Egypt.
Working for clients in both the public and private sectors Elfayoum Co. has completed buildings of many forms for a variety of functions. In recent years Elfayoum Co. has been almost continually employed by the Ministry of Military Production on various major projects. The company has also completed a number of projects for other clients in the public sector including Ministries, Care organization, universities, colleges and committees.
Eng. Mohamed Elsakhawy formed Elfayoum Co. 28 years ago, although our roots in the construction industry date back some 90 years.Throughout this time Elfayoum Co. has been firmly established in this expanded operational market, working for clients across the country,with whom we have established bonds of confidence & trust to handle even more of their projects.
We commenced 2015 with establishing an investment Group of privately owned Companies and Factories. This step enhanced our capabilities to go further with the success of Elfayoum Co. and to uphold the Mohamed Elsakhawy’s vision of quality of service, craftsmanship and value delivered by a team second to none in the industry.For more information on the company, our people and how you might fit into our future plans, for further information please contact us at info@elfayoum.net

For more information call +201006015181